Shopping Centres & Retail Parks

Andron is proud to work with a large number of shopping centres and retail parks on a national basis. With more than 30 years of experience and the ability to clearly understand how shopping centres operate, we can deliver effective soft facilities management, cleaning and security services for retail environments. The retail industry is constantly evolving and it’s our duty to remain abreast of the changes taking place, so that we can adapt to them and even anticipate these changes before they happen.

We match our services to the footfall variations experienced by retail environments, remaining flexible and adaptable all year round.

By establishing and maintaining channels of communication with site managers, we are able to remain transparent, reactive and an integral part of the operational team. The results of our work can be clearly seen, whilst our staff remain discreet and the service they provide no disruptive. 

Case Study


Clyde Shopping Centre

Andron have supplied the cleaning and waste management services at for over 5 years now and have recently also been awarded the security contract to provide the full soft services delivery. Since the beginning of our cleaning and waste management contract, we have worked together with the to achieve outstanding environmental results in line with the centre’s overall business goals. Together, we have devis...
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Rochdale Exchange Shopping Centre

We have provided facilities management services at since 2004, consisting of cleaning and security service disciplines. At the point of contract award these services were delivered as stand-alone service elements, ensuring that the centre is well presented, secure and staffed with knowledgeable and helpful employees to enhance the visitor experience. Since contract award we have worked in partnership with Centre Management to in...
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Spinning Gate Shopping Centre

This , located in Leigh, has been managed by Andron since 2010, and provides a blueprint for the operational efficiencies and enhanced service delivery model. Initially, in 2010, we delivered cleaning services as a single service discipline, creating a model aligned to daily and periodical tasks, introducing enhanced efficiency through machinery upgrades, and creating resource models aligned to footfall modelling to driv...
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Who We Serve

  • motherwell
  • loreburne shopping centre
  • clyde shopping centre
  • captain cook square
  • gretna gateway outlet village
  • spinning gate shopping centre
  • thistles stirling

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